OCTOBER Meeting ONLY will be on Tuesday the 6th

Activity Planning Meetings will be held on the
2nd Tuesday of the month, at Perko's Café & Grill
4300 E. Waterloo Road, Stockton at 7PM.
(East side of Hwy. 99)
Rae Lakes Loop
Kings Canyon
John Muir Trail
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Central Valley Hiking and Backpacking Group          Centrally Located in Stockton, CA
Welcoming Hikers and Backpackers,
Beginners to Seasoned Veterans.

Hiking and Backpacking for all levels of experience
from the:
High Sierras of Lassen, Sequoia & Yosemite National Parks,
Desolation Wilderness, Mt. Whitney and the Coastal Range etc.

From: Day Hikes to Week Long Treks!
Rose Kundert -- Committee & Planning Chair -- E-mail Her
Mark Presler -- Committee -- E-mail Him
Paul Lockwood -- Committee
David Lagesse -- Webmaster --
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Come to our meetings and share your ideas of where you would like to go!
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“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-
civilized, people are beginning to find out
that going to the mountains is going home

– John Muir