David Lagesse –– As I have been told, as this is My Profile,
.                                          I can promulgate any palter on here, as I like:

  • I have backpacked on 9 continents, and led expeditions on 8.

  • Climbed the 6 tallest mountains in the world: Qomolangma, Aconcagua,
    Denali, Kilimanjaro, Pico Cristóbal Colón, and Wycheproof.

  • I have been a featured writer 11 times in Backpacking Magazine and  
    27 other publications. I have written 6 books on Mountain Climbing    
    and Backpacking.

  • I speak 7 different languages fluently, none of which you ever heard of.
          Don't ask me about that, as I don't like to show-off!

  • I have slowed down a bit, now that I am approaching 144 years old,      
    ...well, I am halfway there!

  • I am a webmaster for Spacebook and this website too.

To enhance the outdoor experiences for all Club members with the
objective of companionship, shared knowledge, and personal growth
through participation of hiking and backpacking.

Our group is composed of like-minded individuals for the enjoyment of
outdoor activities. Outings will be by consensus and inspired through our
core values that are fitness focus, health oriented, and by ability.
Planned and coordinated self-paced treks will be offered on a first come
first served basis and supported on multiple levels through training and trail
supervision. There will be no limitation on activities – picnics, 'Family Camp',
Day Hikes and weekend or full week (or more) wilderness outings – for
beginners or advanced members based solely on agreement.
Our Activities
Mission Statement
The food some of
us enjoy on the trail
Alpine Glow
on Trail to Whitney
About Us
Rose Kundert –– Backpacking and Trek Highlights
  • Outing Coordinator – BSA, Trek Leader 14 years – BSA
  • Taught – Backpacking, Backpacking Food and Gear, Wilderness
    Survival, Hiking, and Camping.
  • Led treks to: Half Dome & Mt. Whitney.

  • Many weekend or week-long trips: Sonora pass to Tuolumne Meadows,
    80 miles in 5 days, on the Pacific Crest Trail. — Grand Canyon of the
    Tuolumne, in Yosemite. — Grand Canyon, Arizona, hiked to the bottom
    on Hermit Trail. — Point Reyes National Sea Shore. — Desolation
    Wilderness on the Pacific Crest Trail. — John Muir Trail. — Lost Coast.
    — Zion. — The Narrows. — Angles Landing. — Bryce Canyon.
  • Hiked in a jungle in the Mexican State of San Luis Potosi.
  • and many more.
Paul Lockwood –– Paul has been backpacking since he was just
FIVE YEARS OLD, with his parents and big sister.

  • Current - Boy Scouts of America Volunteer

  • He carried a couple of loaves of bread in the backpack that his mom
    had made for him back then.... He's got the pictures to prove it!
  • He STILL has that pack!

  • Nowadays he always brings a fly fishing rod and likes to share his
    delicious catch!
The Central Valley Backpacking Club was founded in Dec. 2009,
it is non-profit, and run entirely by unpaid volunteers and
dedicated to the enjoyment of nature and wilderness through
hiking &  backpacking
We are NOT an outfitter or a guide service.
It is a co-operative for hiking and backpacking.
The principle of a group like ours is that you benefit by having fellowship
with other like minded folks and for companionship.
Consider with joining us.
Spring of 2006 on the trail out from Hites Cove along the South Fork of the Merced River
Central Valley Hiking and Backpacking Group          Centrally Located in Stockton, CA
  • Past - Boy Scouts of America Volunteer

  • I have been backpacking and hiking for over 25 yrs.

  • I have mostly traveled Yosemite and Emigrant Wilderness areas.

  • I practice "Leave No Trace" until I get it perfect. I like to travel light-
    weight and am trying to go ultra-light. -- It’s a work in progress.

  • Just want to enjoy the outdoors with other like minded enthusiasts.
Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. -- John Muir
Crossing a Stream
Stephen Stackpole –– In terms of experience and hours on the trail, I
am the weak-link of the group. Backpacking and hiking excursions, have been
primarily in the western US, Canada, and Mexico. Yet, I long for more.

Given my pleasant Irish nature and ability to spin a yarn around the campfire,
the group really seeks my company on the trail for food and drink. I don’t believe
one has to eat poorly on the trail and have demonstrated strategies for food
preservation, enhance nutritional intake, in addition, simply, to taste. Come wine
& dine with us in the wilderness.
May the forest be with you.

...and the mountains too!
We celebrated our TENTH Anniversary in December, 2019 as a Backpacking and Hiking Group.
If you are interested, come join us!

Members are welcomed from Stockton /
Turlock / East Bay Area / Sacramento Regions/ and anywhere
else you are willing to travel from.

Day Hiking and Backpacking for all levels of experience and abilities.
We roam the High Sierras of Lassen, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Point Reyes, and Yosemite
National Parks, Desolation Wilderness, Mt. Whitney, and the Coastal Range etc.

We have backpacked in the Grand Canyon and Washington State.

From: Day Hikes to Week Long Treks!

We are a non-profit Hiking and Backpacking group, the only cost is the Land Management Organization's
fees that they charge for Wilderness Permits, approximately $5
, plus any Entrance Fee.
You are responsible for your own food and transportation.
There may be Ride Sharing available with a nominal charge for gas to the driver.